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We started to look at our different options that we might have since we've been retired for some time....we knew we had equity in our home but wasn't sure how to tap into it. We looked a possibly doing a second mortgage but realized that defeated our purpose of having a cushion. We were referred to Steve Hollander and he provided us a book called, Understanding Reverse. Between the book and conversations with Steve we knew that doing a Reverse Mortgage was exactly what we were looking for. Steve and his Team was very helpful and made the process couldn't have been any easier.

Hobe Sound, FL

We started talking to our Attorney last year to see what we could do to make sure if anything happened to either one of us we would be financially secure. We had spoken to another gentleman prior to Steve and what he had to offer we felt wasn't in our best interest. Then we were referred to Steve and after going over all of our different Reverse Mortgage options we felt confident to go forward with him and C2 Reverse Mortgage. Steve's knowledge, professionalism and service couldn't have been more perfect. We found with the Reverse Mortgage process we had to provide a lot of information which wasn't any different than a traditional mortgage. But Steve and his team were always on top of it and got everything taken care of. One of the many things that we liked is that anytime I had a question he always got back to me right away....I didn't have to wait hours or days before I got a response which meant a lot. The Reverse Mortgage gave us the security that we were looking for in our future.

Naples, FL

I was coming into a situation where I had sold my house in North Carolina to be closer to my daughter and grand children in South Florida and not realizing the price difference in my way of living in a home that I was custom to. I was concerned about buying a new home and putting all of my cash into the new house so after speaking to Steve I realized doing a HECM for Purchase was perfect. I still have cash on hand available, I don't have a mortgage, I still have to pay my insurance, HOA and taxes and I have a brand new custom built home that I love. I had no idea that this was even an option and it couldn't have been more perfect for me.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Steve & Debbie were on point, they stayed on top of everything and got me what I was looking for, a line of credit which I could use in the future. I decided to go with Steve because right away I felt comfortable with him. Steve knew the product very well and I felt like he had my best interest at heart. I spoke with 2 other people but knew I didn’t want to go with a lending institution that just worked from a call center. Steve came highly recommended and I found he was confident with the reverse mortgage product. Just meeting him I knew he was an honest person. I felt very comfortable. I highly recommend Steve to my friends.

North Palm Beach, FL

I was discussing with a friend something I have been wanting to do that required out-of-pocket cash and he suggested a Reverse Mortgage. As it turned out he personally knew Tisa and suggested I give her a call. Before we began this process I really didn’t know anything about Reverse Mortgages and what benefit it could have for me. She explained that through the equity in my condo I could have access to cash and/or a line of credit and not have a mortgage payment. She also gave me the available choices and made the process easy and efficient. She also gave me the option of setting aside the funds to secure my Homeowners Insurance, Property Tax and POA dues each year, leaving me secure knowing those important expenses will be paid.

Jupiter, FL

I’ve been doing Real Estate business with Steve for years so when I found out that he has been doing Reverse Mortgages as well I thought I would inquire about it since I see the ads on TV. Because of my years of doing business with him I knew I could trust Steve and he would guide me in the right direction. My main goal was to tap into my home equity for gifting to my grandchildren. Steve took the time to explain the process and showed me how to release my home’s equity in order to reach my financial goals. He carefully explained the process and the time that it would take. Steve and his staff kept me well informed throughout the process. The whole process went smoothly and much faster than what I had originally thought. Steve and his team are knowledgeable about reverse mortgages, very professional and highly efficient. I was pretty impressed with Steve’s estimate of value of my home was very accurate to the appraisal. Overall, I would say the whole process was relatively easy, although my daughter did assist me when needed. Steve did prepare me that a lot of paperwork would be required in the process from application to close and they did. But it reassured me that they were looking out for my best interest and I was making the right decision.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I heard Reverse Mortgages advertised on television and made a call but didn’t get anywhere so I called another company but they couldn’t get our condo’s approved. Then I received a letter from C2 Financial Loan Originator Tisa Oldham and her company was able to get over the condo hurdle. I was concerned they wouldn’t give it to me, but Tisa was on top of everything and knew exactly what had to be done. Her company made it happen and I am enjoying the remodeling I did of my condo without having to use my regular financial resources or touch my investments. I am 100% satisfied and would highly recommend Tisa to anyone interested in a Reverse Mortgage.

Jupiter, FL

The Reverse Mortgage was a game changer for me! I’m beyond happy now that the financial stress on my life has been lifted. My biggest concern was that I wouldn’t qualify since I live in a condo building that isn’t FHA Approved. But Steve didn’t give up, he found a way to help. He discussed it with me and my son and it was a Big Relief! My son who is in the Finance business and I spoke to Steve and after we got off the phone my son said, “Go with Steve!” He was completely confident with Steve’s knowledge. Steve and his Team were just a delight. They always answered my calls, listened to my concerns and were here for me when I needed it. Steve has a Real Estate background so I felt like he truly understood the market. I felt I could trust him and trust the valuation of my home. I would recommend Steve and his team in a heartbeat!

Jupiter, FL